“The Shadow of Mars” – COMING SOON!!

It’s been 11 years since Olivia Wallace was rescued from Earth and brought to Mars. She’s been reunited with her mother, made new friends, and after graduating at the top of her class, she is assigned to the colony of Europa for terraforming. All is well.

Yet, Olivia’s memory of her late father’s demise haunts her. And new enemies seem to lurk within the false utopian on Mars. Even Olivia’s close friend, the Shepherd, has grown wearisome of dissension within Mars’ ranks. And as Olivia heads to Europa for terraform training, there is a feeling of dread that something has followed her from Earth. Something she thought she’d left behind: the Adversary.

Or is it something worse? Olivia must make new alliances on the ice moon of Europa if she is to survive the next crucible. With or without the Shepherd at her side.

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