“The Road to Mars – Prelude”

Before the Pulse caused the Earth and Mars to be at odds with one another, there was a visionary named Marion Perriello. An engineer and space enthusiast, Marion dreamed of doing what had never been done before: colonize the red planet. Mars had been visited before, but never with any intent to live there. Earth’s leaders had deemed it impossible; a venture incapable of being fully realized within their lifetimes. Perhaps the next generation might be capable? Mars was without a proper environment. Nothing could ever sustain itself. And any effort to begin operations there had ended in failure. Others in tragedy.

RTM_preludeBut, Marion believed it could be done. And so, he began his quest to bring humanity to a new home.

In this prelude for the full-length novel, The Road to Mars, Marion Perriello’s motivations for colonizing Mars are brought out in just under 6,000 words. The Road to Mars: Prelude further explores Mars’ eventual road to sovereignty – and the leader who brought them to it. Since this is a short story, The Road to Mars: Prelude is available only in ebook format but may be purchased in small print via Josh’s Amazon page. You may get there by clicking here



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