Darion Wallace

Born in 2045, four years before the Pulse, Darion Wallace grew up knowing little of the “Old World”. His earliest childhood memories are of a generation before him desperately trying to navigate a world without light. And their frustrations for not being able to do so. The war between Mars and Earth has caused Darion’s world to be filled with clouds of Darklight, a supernatural force that eats light and energy. And, as Darion has observed during his own lifetime, Darklight is a force capable of predicting fear and anxiety too. Driven by the need to change things, Darion became a doctor in the post-Pulse Earth, but at some point realized that Earth was never going to change. He needed to escape. And so, Darion began a quest to leave Earth behind. A quest that has slowly become an absolute obsession. A risk with a reward that he’ll stop at nothing to achieve.

Olivia Wallace

Darion’s only daughter, Olivia, is 10 years of age at the start of The Road to Mars. She has long blond hair and blue eyes. Her kind appearance and innocent smile make it easy for others to warm up to her, but any potential friend realizes that Olivia will not speak. In fact, she hasn’t spoken for nearly six months. Ever since she and her father set out to find the one her father believes can rescue them from the darkened Earth. Though small in stature and noticeably young, Olivia is highly observant and is constantly aware of other people’s moods or emotional states.


Once an orphan, Jack grew up on the streets of the old city, mostly living as a transient as he wandered aimlessly through life. Born after the Pulse, Jack knows not what computers, phones, or other various forms of Old World technology are capable of and often wonders what life would be like with them. His upbringing has garnered Jack a survivor’s mentality, making his ever aware of how to get out of a situation. Though Jack still manages to find more ways to get into trouble rather than avoid it. Jack encounters Darion and Olivia early in the story, intrigued by what Darion might be carrying with him in his pack. And when Jack finds out what Darion has, Jack’s own quest for truth begins.



An unassuming, lowly old vet, Abraham stands guard at a cafe’ just outside the city. He works as a Runner, moving goods in and out of the city, stopping only at the cafe’ to have a drink (a favorite pastime of his to ease his troubles). Abe’s past is mysterious though he clearly remembers the Old World and what it was like before the Pulse. An event he claims to have only made things worse than what they already were. He holds past affiliations with groups he’d rather not talk about and even possesses what he calls a “Gift” – a skill which enables Abraham to read “traces of light” on any individual and see where they’re from.


The Shepherd

Over seven feet tall, born of Mars, and covered in a silver suit made of nano machines, the Shepherd is one of Mars’ most magnificent achievements in human evolution. Already possessing an imposing stance, the Shepherd backs up this presentation with superhuman abilities. Those which include elevated jumping, endurance, strength, and a capacity for not needing sleep. Despite all this, the Shepherd maintains a humble and gentle nature. His words are often soft and directed, lacking the burly tone or fearsome swagger one might associate with his appearance. Still, the Shepherd displays uncanny wrath when crossed, a power which seems to separate him from normal, lesser human beings. And though his real purpose is to find those willing and worthy to come to Mars, the Shepherd appears to have other, hidden agendas as well. The kind that forces Darion and Jack to evaluate just whose side he’s on in the first place.

Captain Virgil Strathen

Captain of the Hunt, Virgil is a mysterious man with veiled motives and an intimidating presence. Known for his strategic mind and sometimes cold, but dynamic leadership, Virgil rose up through the Hunt’s ranks quickly before asserting himself as its newest leader. He is in possession of something he thinks will help him – and the rest of Earth – get vengeance on Mars for what the red planet has done to Earth. And like Darion, has made it his personal quest to right whatever wrong he feels in need of correcting. Like Jack, Virgil was once an orphan in the old city. Their mutual upbringings have instilled survival-like behaviors and a tendency towards self preservation at any cost.


Argus Strathen

The “Eyes of the Hunt”, Argus is the younger brother of Virgil, the current captain of the Hunt. Given the title of “Eyes” due to his ability to see and hear the inner workings of the old city, Argus makes it his business to know other people’s business. And he does so with unrelenting action. However, unlike his elder brother, who is revered for his leadership skills and strategic mind, Argus is unrefined and often short-sighted in his plans. Ever eager to gain the appeal of his elder brother, Argus will do almost anything to appease Virgil. But, if he fails, Argus will inevitably find himself in the cross hairs of his most hated of compatriots, Greta. Argus, like Jack, was once an orphan in the old city and thus, shares a similar history with Jack.


A high-ranking lieutenant of the Hunt, young and talented Greta reports directly to the Captain. Known for a steely look and hardened personality, Greta doesn’t believe in weakness. She loathes it, and on occasion, voices her hatred of weakness as it pertains to Argus, the Eyes of the Hunt. She is a superior marksman and a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. Her history is a bit of a mystery as she never speaks about it, though her direct connection to the Captain suggests she may have been an orphan or perhaps was recruited at a very young age.

The Hunt 

An organization of “lawkeepers” acting on behalf of the general public. Their mission is to avenge any criminal act, provided it comes with enough collective support. However, their jobs often come at a price. Crime fighting and capture are not free services. And any who enlist the help of the Hunt are held accountable for their promises. No one is an exception. Despite the nature of their business, the Hunt is highly sought after by many. Those eager and willing to find fresh food and shelter are the first to come knocking. The rest are usually rounded up as orphans and trained into adulthood. This is the way of the Hunt – a group that always gets its quarry.

The Adversary

No one, neither of Earth or of Mars, knows what caused this creature. And no one knows how get rid of it either. The Adversary is a demonic apparition, presumably born out of the Pulse itself; roaming the Earth for fear and despair…and death. It’s a beast which makes its presence known only at will, speaking in a voice that only a few can hear. Its form is said to be the thing of nightmares and though there are several who have claimed to have seen it, the Adversary’s true form remains a mystery. Some say it is a black bull. Some say it is a black wolf. While others claim it to be a conglomeration of many creatures, changing its shape as the situation best suits its need. Whatever the need may be.


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