“The Mars Trilogy”

The debut novel series from author, J.C.L. Faltot, The Mars Trilogy explores mankind’s growing interest in our neighboring planet, Mars. And the potential benefits and ramifications of going there.

Set in the latter half of the 21st century, the series begins with The Road to Mars: a world where the Earth and the now human-populated Mars are at war. Or at least from Earth’s perspective. A remarkable new resource, buried deep within Mars’ bedrock, has been discovered. And thus, propels Mars ahead of its neighboring planet.

With its advanced technology and foundation of brilliant minds, Mars quickly establishes itself as a superpower of the cosmos. Yet, rather than use its new found strength to assert dominance over Earth, Mars’ leaders decide to share what they have found. Their hope is to ease tensions and reestablish kinship with Earth. But, when their “gift” goes awry, an event known as the Pulse rips Earth’s light away, “eating” artificial light and various forms of energy. Data is lost. Machines stop working for a time. And strange clouds known as Darklight manifest in places of extreme fear or despair. Only the light of the sun, fire and natural forms of light remain unaffected.

In the wake of the Pulse, Earth turns to Mars with hateful eyes. And Mars’ people are forced to retreat. But, despite having caused this calamity, Mars begins devising a way to save the Earth. To bring the light back. And bring even more people to the red planet in the process. Meanwhile, groups arise on Earth in opposition to Mars. Some banding together for survival and others striving to maintain the shell of the Old World, keeping governments and territories in tact.

Yet, there are those who feel the Old World is dead. And have set their eyes on the sky; eager to hear from Mars and what plans might await them.

The Road to Mars begins its journey on Earth while its successor, The Shadow of Mars, ventures onto the utopia-like Mars and its fledgling colonies; while finally concluding with Mars and Earth’s fates colliding in The Throne of Mars.



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