“The Purgatory Mandate”

“Heinous crimes deserve the most heinous punishment. A desire for amorality will be granted with an amoral response.”

These are the words that define The Purgatory Mandate; an issuance made to combat the Nation’s most terrible criminals. Serial killers, serial rapists, leaders of hate organizations – these are the usual suspects, but all who commit a crime are susceptible to the Purgatory Mandate. And thereby, face a possible life sentence on Purgatory Island.

Data analyst, husband, and father of two, Brian Blake, is on trial for a crime. A horrible crime. He has been convicted of multiple homicide and has been sentenced to Purgatory Island. Yet, Brian swears by his innocence. He’s never committed anything worse than a traffic violation. He must have been framed. His wife, Melissa, wants to believe him, but the evidence is overwhelming. And there is no way out of this. Brian is headed to Purgatory Island, a place where every other criminal convicted under the Mandate has gone. And is waiting for him.

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