People Are the Economy, The Economy Are the People

COVID-19 has rocked the world. It’s upended life as we know it and continues to be a menace upon humanity. There are plenty of reactions to be found in its wake. The Church has its own set of voices rising to make sense of it. 

Here’s something for the Church, as a whole, to consider in this trying time. 

Downright Good Thought: Here’s a quickie for you…

…and not that kind, you pervs (but in all honesty, I secretly think that title may catch a couple extra views alone).

Anyway, I’m slowly coming to the realization that I update this blog on one of two occasions:

1) I’m pissed off about something and need to write about it;

2) Or I’m feeling inspired to write something (which is usually triggered by me being pissed off).

Well, that’s quite a conundrum if you’re an aspiring writer. If you’re only going to work when you’re angry, then why work at it? Isn’t that counter-productive? At first glance, one would think so but to go along with my initial realization, this blog post is two-fold. If you’re inspired, then you should certainly act upon that inspiration. It could be the very thing that brings you satisfaction in your life. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. I feel that all too often though, we may like what we see in something, accept the fact that it triggers an emotion in our hearts, and then walk away from that moment just as quickly as it occurred.

Why walk away though? If you’re like me, then you walk away because you don’t want to disrupt the “routine”. You know, your predetermined schedule that allows you to maintain some semblance of imaginary control in your life. And if you deviate from that schedule, your whole world goes out of whack and the only curb for this disturbance is to do something equally distracting (such as watch TV, web surf for stupid cat videos on YouTube, or if you’re like most adults, you crack open a cold one and mellow out). That’s all well and good though. Everybody has a coping mechanism for dealing with life’s troubles. As it turns out, mine is blogging and/or writing.

My writing has always been an escape for me. A way to step away from daily living without getting too lost in the hubbub of reality. Somewhere along the way I began telling myself, “You know what – I like this and I’m going to continue doing it.”  Funny thing is, I still enjoy writing, and I still enjoy it when I’m pissed off. Not that I need anger to fuel the creative juices; no, I’m not saying that (even though it certainly helps) but my blogging and my writing serve as a great way to vent frustrations while letting me feel good about my work. So when I step away, I have a sense of relief and satisfaction with what I’ve done.

That’s a cool thing, if you ask me.

So if you’re someone who loves working out, then keep working out. If you’re someone who likes to crunch numbers (in which case, God bless you), then keep crunching numbers. And if you’re someone who enjoys acting like a jerk, then come on, quit that already and stop making people write about how much you are disliked. It may be healthy for me as a writer but I’m sure your social circle is depleting faster than a punctured beach ball.

But if you’re doing something that gives you satisfaction with your work, you may be inadvertently serving as a source for others to be doing something really unique too. Maybe they’ll even disrupt their schedules and act upon it? That’s pretty cool, is it not? And the best part is, you don’t necessarily have to see that happen. After all, you’re doing what you like anyway so it’s a win-win for both parties involved.

And with that, there’s your quickie.