It’s Finally Here!


Ok – so I’ve been periodically keeping my blog up to date about a book I wrote and at last, that book is available. I’m very excited (seriously), but also fully aware that the road ahead is quite long. So no trumpets blaring, no grand entrance – just me being ecstatic over another publication.

Any who are interested in checking it out may do so at any of the following websites (but I’m sure there are more): (not up yet, but will be).

This took a while to come about but this venture was certainly worth it; as is any hard labor. Now it’s just time to share it with others. And be prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly criticisms/experiences that may follow. So here’s moving forward with a positive outlook. You have to be that way when you write a book about being single anyway, wouldn’t you agree? Otherwise, you’re just sunk before you get started.

More good stuff to follow soon!

Till later – J.C.L.