What Evangelicals Can Learn From Jordan Peterson

Haven’t written something like this in a while. But this came out. So here we are. Link to post here. 

Churches Have Been Ordered Not to Gather, But is this Persecution?

Some more thoughts I’m pushing out into the aether. You can find it here.

People Are the Economy, The Economy Are the People

COVID-19 has rocked the world. It’s upended life as we know it and continues to be a menace upon humanity. There are plenty of reactions to be found in its wake. The Church has its own set of voices rising to make sense of it. 

Here’s something for the Church, as a whole, to consider in this trying time. 

The Writer’s Lens – Interview 18: Despite Popular Belief, “Story and THE Story Are Connected”

My latest interview is with a couple of gents I got connected with recently. Erik Marti and Stephen Lauterbach are the voices of Despite Popular Belief, a podcast that tackles several interesting topics, like the Leviathan, the Salem Witch Trials, and predestination; doing so through a Biblical worldview.

I was on Despite Popular Belief talking about the power of storytelling. Now, I get to ask Erik and Stephen about their own stories. How they came together, how they developed the idea for Despite Popular Belief, and how they see the podcast in the future.

You can check them out on Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes. Or follow them on Facebook and Instagram @DespitePopularBelief.

The Plight of Religious Influencers and Their Followers

Some outspoken Christians have recently renounced their faiths. What does that mean for the ones following their work? Should people of the Christian faith start jumping ship? This piece is an attempt to address the situation, as it isn’t anything new (unfortunately).

The Minimizing of Sin, the Maximizing of the Autonomous Self

Here’s my most recent article discussing a topic I have been especially challenged by as of late. Not by a belief in God, but by the ramifications for not taking sin seriously.