“A Dinner with Titans”

For years, the Caretaker has watched over his castle. The world outside his walls – the Wilderness – is dangerous, but the most terrifying creature of them all is the Titan: huge beings with appetites for what every castle keeps inside.
But, the Caretaker has managed to survive. He’s defended his home for many years, watching other Caretakers crumble – never venturing into the Wilderness. But, the Caretaker is lonely. His isolation has spurned him to lift his gates for one night. And he will do so by hosting a dinner. An event that will hopefully make peace with the Titans outside his door.
But, with his gates open, more terrible things begin to appear. An unforeseen visitor arrives within his walls. A new terror, one that’s far worse than any Titan he has yet to encounter.
In a story analogous to the human heart, the Caretaker finds himself in the midst of a very human dilemma: remain in seclusion, never opening up. Or facing one’s fears and openly inviting the potential for pain. But, are there darker, more ruthless things awaiting outside? Or in?

A Dinner with Titans

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