Somewhere off the coast of Oahu, a remarkable discovery is made. There is a sea monster just off shore. And it is bigger than a football field.

The Nation’s Navy sends its finest naval officer, Admiral Jonas Brighton, to create a perimeter so that the monster might be protected. Meanwhile, young and hot-headed genius Dr. Pierson Jensen is elected for a second mission. Along with a marine biologist, an animal behaviorist, and special forces soldier, Dr. Jensen will travel underwater, tracking the monster as it moves within the barrier. The work will be difficult and unlike anything done before, but Pierson is unafraid and eager to prove himself. He never backs down from a challenge. He’s too good not to. And this opportunity will make him greater than ever.

However, above the surface, Admiral Brighton has uncovered a terrible secret. One that may finally help him explain his past. The reason for why he possesses a photographic memory, intuitive problem-solving and a certain military brilliance that is unrivaled. It is a secret Jonas believes to be linked to Pierson. To the beast, even. To them all. A mystery Jonas must solve before his superiors discover what he is doing. Before the monster, codenamed Lotan, breaks free of its man-made barrier and heads for land. Heads for humanity, just as Jonas believes it will.

Lotan is one part of J.C.L. Faltot’s Alternative Earth History Series. A collection of standalone novels that take part in a larger universe. One where certain wars were won and laws became real that have only been imagined in our known timeline. Lotan explores themes of isolation, psychological strain, and the basic need for human connection we all share.



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