Alternate Earth Series

What if the Nazis had won the war?

What if Columbus had turned around and headed home?

What if Adam and Eve had never eaten from the tree?

What if?

Though it’s impossible to turn the hands of time back, it is possible to sit and speculate what could have been. There are moments in history that have defined everything. Moments that have extended beyond a single event, affecting every life that’s ever lived. Past. Present. And several generations down the line.

The Alternate Earth Series was a concept I stumbled upon after conceiving several stories independently of one another. There was a lot of ideas spinning around inside my head. Stories I knew I wanted to write about. But, I didn’t know how or when to write them. So, I did what most writers do: I mulled. And then I got frustrated. Until at last, I arrived at the point of no return: I wrote them all down. And when I was done looking at everything, I realized there was a common theme involved. Yes, they were all fictional (it’s what I do), but it was more than that. I could see them all as part of a larger puzzle. Interwoven and interconnected. Yet not entirely about the same person. Different stories. Different people. Different events helping shape our human experience. This is the heart of the Alternate Earth Series.

What if humanity had chosen differently throughout the ages? Where might we be? I, for one, would like to explore that concept. Be it 1,000 years ago or 1,000 years into the future – I’d like to venture into that place and see what might happen.

So, here’s to exploring an alternate history together. Hope you enjoy.


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