My name is Joshua (J.C.L.) Faltot and I’m a writer based in Cleveland, OH.

I am a husband and a father; two unofficial job titles which don’t pay any money yet reward me with life’s greatest joys. For all you parents and family men out there, I hope you can relate.

Life, as it were, continues to teach me that we are forever being taught and in constant refining. A fool thinks he knows it all, but the wise will continue to seek more wisdom and understanding. This ‘motto,’ if you will, is something I’ve adhered to over the years; the obvious goal being to apply as much as possible.

Here you’ll find a healthy chunk of thoughts, remarks, and comments made on culture, society, faith, and everything else in between. I’ve also allotted space for cataloging my work progress as it pertains to fiction so feel free to poke around and even poke holes in what you think is good, weird, or even bad. Honestly, I support honest feedback! This website is as much a work in progress as I am as a writer.

Sharing at an Alpha event

Sharing at an Alpha event

I’ve also been blessed with multiple opportunities to speak at local Cleveland schools on pursuing dreams and my work as a writer / author. The experiences have been as encouraging as they are challenging – current generations tend to believe that the path to “success” means being a pop, film, or sports star. All are great dreams to aspire to, but we all have gifts that we can share with the world. And that doesn’t mean our gift has to be in the form of an entertainer or Hollywood starlet. As much as I wanted ‘pro athlete’ to be my calling, I find that my work as a writer and speaker are more reaching than what I could have done in the athletic field or any other.

Locally, I co-captain a writer’s group that meets weekly. No, we don’t sit and debate the issues of the world. Yes, we do attend writing conferences, stay up to date on publication happenings, and read other’s work for editing. After three years, we are still going strong and have even enjoyed publications with a couple of our members (me included).


If you have any other questions then please feel free to ask. I trust you’ll find some intriguing and interesting articles here.

– J.C.L.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog and have nominated you for the Versatile Blogging Award. Details are available at my most recent post if you are interested!

  2. thanks for following me and liking my posts.Nice to meet you 🙂

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