Good quotes and bad quotes

I’m always on the lookout for good quotes. To me, a good quote is like getting a hit of really good caffeine – something to get the blood energized. I don’t drink a ton of coffee – more of a tea guy, myself – so when I do partake of that java, I get a jolt. A major jolt. And once that hits, I use the added boost to either finish my tasks or sit and tremble thanks to the foreign substance running through my system. Thankfully, it’s the former that occurs most frequently.

Funny how words can have the same effect with people. We get a “buzz” when we hear some good words. And what’s even more amazing is how those words can last a lifetime – for good or for bad. A few choice words can dictate how we lead our lives – with fear or hope, for instance. Or a few choice words can dictate how we want to lead our lives – with hope being dominant over fear, I would imagine. It really is a crazy notion if you take a few moments to ponder that. Honestly, do so.

That’s why I love a good quote so much. Truth is truth and a good quote is always a good quote – so long as it resonates at our core. It may get recycled over the ages but what it holds as true becomes a beacon to each and every generation that dares to mutter its combination of vowels, consonants, and syllables. Can you think of a few that you live by? Any come to mind right away? Here’s a classic that I love:

“Do or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda.

George Lucas may have lost some fans with the Star Wars prequels – due to lackluster dialogue or maybe just effort – but his original trilogy made a zen master out of a tiny green man with pointy ears. Which, by no coincidence, is another testament to the power that words possess: how it sometimes doesn’t even matter who utters the phrase. Only that someone does. The most unlikely source becomes the light you were searching for and things are forever different after that. That’s powerful, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, some harsh or bad words will do the same. You know, like every line you heard in a cheesy horror film or some venomous things a person spat your way. I could list a few but I think you get the idea. Those will burn deep inside, but hey, here’s the silver lining: somewhere out there, there’s some good words just waiting to be heard. And chances are – if not by chance at all – you’ll hear them and get that jolt to get moving again. Uprooting the crap of old, and moving forward with the new. That’s what a good quote; well, a good word of encouragement, will do for you.

So, know of any?


  1. Andrea Gerus says:

    I just came across your blog and you a great writer. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award – keep up the good work! –

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