“Spirit Run” – Part 11

Rolling along nicely on this St. Patty’s Day, 2014. A lot of green will be worn today. That’s a certainty. Whether it’s out of celebration or out of spite for the bad weather, Clevelanders will be sporting green for this holiday. We haven’t seen much green lately but I’m optimistic that the worst is behind us. But then again, you never know. Best to keep an open mind, perhaps.

I’ve come to the 11th part of this short story, Spirit Run. I’m not going to say the usual, “Wow, I can’t believe I’m this far” type stuff, but rather, it’s about time. Over the hump and moving forward. I’m expecting a few changes around here – specifically this site – in the coming weeks and moving into the end of the month. Here’s keeping that positive outlook all the way through.

And as it turns out, my fiance’ and I have a ton going on: wedding planning, home shopping, a new job for me, and me moving in with a friend. So I’m going to do my best to keep this blog up to speed in the time that I have allotted. And keep both her and I sane in the process! So here we go, ready or not!

In the interim, part 11 of Spirit Run. Thank you to everyone who has given me feedback or left comments already. It is very much appreciated and keeps the fire inside burning brightly.


Part 11

The Trio was doing well. Their skills as guardians were on full display. Armin’s spear was unmatched, Harda’s arrows unavoidable, and Balphin’s sword unbreakable. The Trio cleared all distractions as their Daughter ran faster. She was at full stride, legs kicking higher.
“Good girl!” shouted Balphin. “Keep going!”
The Daughter did as instructed. Her body was becoming a blur in the light of the plane. Shadows were falling all around – giving up, it seemed. But even so, the Trio did not stop. They persisted in crushing every dark figure that befell their Daughter’s path. But even as fast as she was, she could not avoid what was next.
“Balphin!” cried Harda. “What’s wrong with her?!”
Balphin, who had flown far ahead, turned to see what the matter was. Their Daughter was slowing down, but not of her own volition.
“The ground!” shouted Armin, throwing another spear. “The world is taking her!”
Balphin fled the front and dove back towards her. He could see her feet becoming muddied by the ground she tread upon. And with every step, the dirt became heavier. She slowed to a jog until finally, she was nearly stopped. Balphin flew in and cut the dirt right at the edge of her foot.
“Gah!” he cried. “There’ll be more of that, I’m certain. Keep your eyes on what’s out there. I’ll handle this!”
The other Angels did as they were instructed. The Shadows were becoming less and less, but their task was becoming less important. The Earth was pulling at the Trio’s Daughter, tugging hard and dragging her in. Balphin cut more of the dirty away, his blade never once touching her as he aimed with perfect precision.
She picked up her leg to run but a vine wrapped itself around her ankle. She was pulled to a stop as the vine gripped her tightly. Flames of light burnt the vine but the weed persisted.
“I said…Enough!” cried Balphin and he sliced the weed away. But as he did, another leapt from the Earth and wrapped around the Daughter’s legs and thighs. Then, another snatched her arm. The weed was attacking quicker than Balphin could retaliate.
“Armin! Harda!” he cried. “I need you here!”
Armin and Harda did not hesitate. Armin tightened his wings and boomed back to his comrades. Harda unleashed a flurry of arrows that seared the weeds like fire in a field. Then, he flew down to the others. The Trio hurled volley after volley upon the Earth’s advances. Together, they were beginning to stop the assault. And their Daughter raised her foot once more, eager to run again.
“A few more!” shouted Armin.
The weeds of the Earth retreated as the Daughter restarted her run. She made fast strides, this time avoiding the weeds as they appeared. No longer did she run in a straight line. She dodged the traps as they emerged, jumping over them as they revealed themselves.
“Quick learner,” said Harda.
“Excellent too, by my eyes,” said Armin.
The Trio and Daughter were back to moving at top speed. Complemented by the talents of the Trio, the Daughter was incredibly fast. Her hair, long and gallant, shimmered as she ran. A Shadow attempted to grab it, but Balphin cut its hand before it could do so. Another put its eyes upon her breast, but Harda’s arrows gouged the Demon’s eyes out. And still, another Shadow tried to take her by the feet, throwing false light to distract her, but Armin threw down his shield and covered the farce so she would not see it.
“Good work, gents,” said Harda.
“’Gents’, eh?” mocked Armin. “Never heard that from you. Picking up something new, are we?”
“I’m just trying to enjoy the moment!”
“Well, we’ll all be enjoying the moment much more,” said Balphin. “Look ahead!”
Armin and Harda raised their heads and saw that the light on the horizon was getting bigger. It expanded, giving the impression that it was not far from their grasp. More and more, worldly structures and constructs came into focus. Tall trees, running streams, and small creatures abounded; springing up as if out of thin air. The faces of people returned yet again, calling the Trio and Daughter onward.
“Where is she?” asked Harda. “Can you see?”
“No,” answered Balphin. “I see nothing.”
The Daughter, with the Trio about her, suddenly tripped. She stumbled for an instant and then ran again. But not long into her stride did she stagger once more. Pieces of light began to leap from her body. She was getting smaller, it seemed and the Trio could not help her.
“No!” cried Armin. “Do you see that, lads? There’s still a few storms on the horizon for our girl.”
“There will always be storms, Armin,” said Harda. He shot another Demon down and returned his focus upon the Daughter. “This one is more horrific than any other, wouldn’t you say? Do you see how she is shrinking before our eyes?!”
“Fight for her, my brothers,” said Balphin. “Do not be swayed by what you see. Huddle in close!”
The Trio gathered, wings clapping in close quarters. The Daughter tripped again as the Angels searched for her assailant. Another clap and she stumbled again. The Angels felt powerless for they could not touch her directly. They held close together; desperately trying to catch her newest assailants: other beings of light.
“There! I saw one!” cried Harda. Their bodies were practically impossible to be seen by the Trio. They moved so fast that the only sign they had been there was the mark they left on the Daughter – a chunk of her light taken but not returned. “Did you see him?! Another just now.”
“Yes!” shouted Armin. “Get ready. We’ll take turns. I’ll go first.”
Armin turned inwards towards the Daughter. He spoke gently, hands clasped together as he prayed to her. There was no fighting this new threat with the weapons they carried. These other beings of light were like the Daughter, but lacked direction. They would dart in and around the Daughter, causing duress and unsteadiness before leaving as swiftly as they had come. The Angels rotated their watches, one praying while the other two dispatched of the marauding Shadows.

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