“Spirit Run” – part 9

This is getting easier. Not easy in the sense of “wow, I’m so good at this”, but easy in the sense of “hey, it’s easier sharing what I’ve done.” That’s a good step in the right direction.

I’ve been a little distracted recently with work changes, work orders, and life in general, but balancing it all is an act I’m willing to participate in fully. I’m not a fan of the term, “I’m too busy” because if we’re all honest with ourselves – we make time for the things that matter to us.
Therefore, my writing matters to me.
So I make time for it.
End of story (pardon the pun).

With that in mind, I’ve come to part 9 of this venture, Spirit Run. All sections will be uploaded on the site today, but here’s the section as a standalone. Enjoy.

“There’s our boy,” said Balphin.
The Trio took flight in the direction of the light. When they arrived, they could see that the orb was much larger than what they remembered. It radiated faintly, but its sheer size had grown to that of the Angels, if not bigger. The Trio stopped a few widths from the ball of light. Its soft radiance nearly brought the three of them to tears.
“We knew you’d be back,” said Harda. “Sorry we took so long getting back here. It wasn’t easy, I promise you that.”
“Indeed,” said Armin. “Well, let’s not waste any time, eh? We didn’t come all this way just to look at him. Let’s get back to work.”
The Trio set themselves back to flying all about the ball of light. They dove in and around the orb – whispering and speaking into it. Gradually, and with every word, faces began to take shape. The orb lit up at every pass of the Trio, growing in size and gaining strength. Balphin observed tiny specks of darkness resonating near its core. It reminded him of the Rogue; a black center burning with nothingness, desperately needing to be filled by anything it could find.
“Do you see those wounds, brothers?” asked Balphin, pointing to the dark places on the orb. “Attack them if you can. Remember again why we are here, my brothers.”
The Angels flew extra close to the dark spots, speaking loudly and with great intent.
Do not be afraid….
Know that I am here….
I am for you….
The black portions on the orb began to close, progressively disappearing from sight. As with times before, the orb crackled with new life. The Angels knew that another transformation was on the brink.
“Almost there,” said Harda.
The orb emitted streaks of golden lightning as it fashioned itself into a new shape. The Angels rescinded their words, waiting for the orb to take form again. Light bent and rippled as the orb stretched itself into two legs, two arms, and a head. The Newborn was returning once more.
“Ha!” shouted Armin. “We’ll make it just yet.”
The Angels rejoiced with one another as the Newborn stood before them. It was fully grown, a beacon of golden energy. But the Newborn was not done just yet. It changed colors from gold to an orange hue and its face and body further morphed into something new.
“What’s this now?” asked Armin.
The Newborn’s body shrunk somewhat. Its torso pinched at the center as its hips curved into a new position. Its chest curved slightly outwards and its head, devoid of any hair, sprinkled long strings of orange and gold light down its back. Even the face changed, light bending into a nose, mouth, and eyes – eyes that opened to reveal a brilliant gold underneath the lids. The Angels were astonished; they descended on all sides of the Newborn, peering from all angles.
“By the saints…,” said Balphin. “It’s a Daughter.”
Harda and Armin were in equal shock. The Newborn was no more. It had become something completely different – beautiful, flawless, and somehow mysterious. Every aspect of her was stunning, the Trio could not break their gazes. And for a moment, the Angels were jealous of her lovely form, aware that they themselves would never be as wondrous.
“Gorgeous…,” said Harda. “Absolutely gorgeous.”
“Like no other,” said Armin. “A Daughter – how about that, lads? Someone must think us to be very capable to have granted us with a Daughter!”
“I agree,” said Balphin. “Sons are one matter, but Daughters are another entirely. Take heart, brothers. This road will be as dangerous as it is marvelous.”
Balphin’s words were true – a Daughter’s path was perilous. She was not frailer or weaker than a Son, but her journey would be filled with separate hardships. The Angels, having never defended a Daughter, flapped their wings in unison. And then waited on what she might do next. She lifted her right foot and stepped forward. The gray mist divided, unable to touch her. The Daughter took another step and the mist parted again. She was walking faster and the Angels flew with her in tandem.
“Go, my dear,” said Harda. “Do not stop from here. You’re almost there.”
The mist was receding with every step, the path before them brightening. The Trio could see the ground again, but it was no longer transparent as it had been. There were browns and greens like, the surface of Earth. Small flowers and plants sprouted up as the mist ran from the Daughter’s feet. And a bright tunnel illuminated itself on the horizon.
“Look at that one, Harda,” said Balphin. “I can’t say that I’ve seen those kinds of flowers before. Have you?”
“No, I can’t say that I have. How beautiful. She’s got a gift, this one.”
“It’s why the Rogue was after her,” said Armin. “There will be more like that one, too.”
Again, Armin’s words served as a warning of things to come. More forms came into view from all around, each of them walking towards the horizon. The Trio could see these newcomers getting closer to the Daughter so each of them prepped for a fight.
“I’m ready this time,” said Harda. “I’ll crush anything that gets too close.” Harda could feel his skin rippling underneath. Balphin kept his sword at a half sheath while Armin flew on the Daughter’s left, shield up and shining. The Trio watched as more Sons and Daughters gathered together, emerging softly into view like they were stepping out from under a shadow. They walked in unison with one another; the fog that had separated them faded slowly and the longer they stayed on the trail, the more their individual paths became visible. One such Daughter emerged as if out of thin air, her Angelic Trio flying close to Armin and the others.
“Well then,” said Armin. “It’s pleasant joining up with you. Heard from anyone else lately?”

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