“Spirit Run” – part 5

Took a few days off but here’s part 5. For anybody who missed the first four, I’ve begun saving all the previous portions of this story on the blog. These can be found on the main page. Enjoy.

It was then that the Newborn stopped all advancements. It curled its head down as though it were looking for something. Then it looked above and then down. The Newborn picked up its right leg and stepped forward. Then it did the same with the other. And then the next. The Newborn was walking – slowly, but increasing speed with every new step.
“Armin, come back,” said Harda. “Looks like we finally got our runner ready.”
“Right on schedule,” said Balphin.
The Newborn’s walking suddenly became interrupted. A flash of light from close by blinded even the Trio. Armin, who was closest, turned his head to see what was happening. A sharp screech, like an injured animal, penetrated the bubble that the Trio held over the Newborn.
“Is it time?” asked Balphin.
“Yes, it would seem so,” said Armin.
“It’s starting, isn’t it?” asked Harda. His somber words changed his blue tint to orange and red; Balphin’s and Armin’s did the same. With the echo gone, their colors returned to normal.
“What can we do?” asked Harda.
Another shrill cry pierced the space around them. It vibrated against the dome, puncturing the protective dome they were encased within. The Angels changed color again as the Newborn remained unaffected. The Trio quickly traded conversation, their light waves bouncing back and forth between one another in marvelous colors. High above the Newborn, the Trio’s words did not penetrate its golden aura below. But somehow, the Newborn began to decrease its running speed, arms falling at its side.
“Enough with the chatter!” shouted Armin. “Stay focused. We need to stay with him now!”
The Trio circled the Newborn with eager intent. A sharp boom shook them once more and Harda cried out.
“Gah! What can that be now?!”
“Look,” said Balphin. “Look at the others.”
Balphin extended his wings, lighting up the space behind him. Armin and Harda saw others being affected by the invasive slams of strange energy. A grouping of Angels next to them nearly fell upon their orb, which was visibly struggling to be born. Another cry swept through the canopy, pounding against the dome that the Angels created. The Angels cried, their colors swirling around the orb. The ball of light retreated back to a smaller size as one of its Angels swooped below to aid it. All around them, the Trio saw more and more of the same thing occurring.
“This is most unusual,” said Balphin.
He must be close,” said Armin. “We’ve got to get moving.”
“You really think so?” asked Harda.
“Armin, are you sure?” asked Balphin.
“Those shocks are too strong.”
The Trio looked down upon the Newborn. It was sparkling with crackles of fire that resonated with great vitality. In comparison to the others, it was larger, more formed, and beaming fervently. But the Newborn was silent. There was no movement, only stillness as another shockwave slammed against the wings of the Trio. Armin and the others were not ready this time. Their walls of light cracked from the impact.
“No!” shouted Harda. One of the faces in the wall looked surprised and then slowly faded.
“It’s him. I’m sure of it,” said Armin. “There are too many here. It’s attracted too much attention.”
“Was it our fault?” asked Harda.
“No,” said Balphin. “Not our burden to bear. Have you forgotten?”
“No, I am sorry. My heart….”
“I know.”
“Things are about to get serious, lads,” said Armin. “You may discuss it when this is over.”
The screeches were getting louder. Another struck the outside of the wall, further weakening the foundation. Faces that had been clear and bold, froze and then disappeared. The plane beneath the Newborn changed its color as well. The once tranquil edge bristled with unsteady swells. The Newborn’s glow crackled in reds and oranges – fiery bursts igniting all over its body – signifying its awareness that something was transpiring.
“Well then,” shouted Armin. “We may get out of here yet.”
The Newborn lifted a leg and stepped forward. When it lifted its other leg, the foot left a print behind – gold and shining. Another step, another footprint. The ground quaked and rose up like it wished to touch the golden steps, but it could not reach the Newborn. The Trio followed closely, hovering high above the Newborn as it walked. Another shockwave howled through dome, crashing against the Newborn and disrupting the space beneath them.
“Argh!” shouted Balphin. “That one was powerful.”
“Which way is it coming from?” asked Harda.
“I cannot tell,” answered Armin, his tone militant. “Harda, go and see if you can see anything.”
Harda lifted the veil of his wing behind him. He pushed his face through the barrier, peering across the plane. The other groups were moving about nervously, it seemed. Harda tightened his brow, hoping to catch a glimpse of what it may be. The cry returned and that’s when Harda saw it – a shadowy essence, whipping through the field of Newborns; it slammed against the protective layers of the Angels, cracking the walls with powerful bursts of energy.
“I see it,” said Harda. “It’s not him though.”
“Then how is it so strong?” asked Armin.
“Wait, let me see….” Harda’s transparent form shifted, straying slightly outside the protective barrier. Armin and Balphin watched him closely. Go too far and he would risk being severed from the group. Harda strained himself, stretching his body out across the plane to achieve the best vantage point.
“There are so many…,” Harda said aloud. The sheer number of orbs and other Newborns was staggering. The new threat had to be increasing in number, but Harda didn’t know for sure. He needed to see. So he stretched farther into the void, seeking an answer for his comrades.

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