Some thoughts (and failures) on “Spirit Run” – part 4

Alright, well my group had a run-in with something I call the “Rogue orb”. This concept came early on in the first drafts of this story. It’s what I imagined as a person’s spirit caught in extreme turmoil. Keeping that in mind, the Rogue orb looks the part too – a ball of energy, chaotically spinning, erratically changing, and completely out of control. That’s the essence of this character.

There’s a moment where one of the angels recognizes a “black hole” inside of the Rogue. What’s that exactly? Well, it’s there to represent an imploded sense of self. When people become desperate, they’ll do just about anything to survive. And while they’re searching, they become like a vacuum – using up everything and everyone in their path. The Rogue is doing exactly that. It’s searching for those with “light” to fill the empty void within. As a consequence, the Rogue’s angelic protectors are basically being eaten alive by the ambitions of the spirit they are trying to protect. Shadows swoop in, picking away like crows. It’s a visual used to depict the ramifications of a selfish spirit. I may need to go back and edit this even more, but I am trusting that the point is being made without overtly saying it to the reader.

With the danger gone, the Trio encounters more orbs that aren’t as “lost” as the Rogue. This was a part I wanted to show because it displays how there are strength in numbers. People like to rest on their own merit. I know I do when I am successful or feel like I’m on top of the world, so to speak. But the reality remains: you didn’t get there on your own. There are so many others supporting you, giving you strength, and helping guide you in your endeavors. You’re never alone. We forget this basic concept though if we’re too engorged in our own light. So that’s what I was going for in this section.

As for the writing itself, I’m rather upset with myself. I don’t feel that I edited as much as I should have. I find that I repeat a few words in sentences that I shouldn’t be so I need to be more cognizant of that. My apologies to anyone who is catching these miscues as you’re reading. I know I am, in hindsight. Even the most untrained of eyes can recognize a stain on a carpet. That’s how I feel after this last entry. Dialogue felt rushed too. Yeah, not very happy with how I handled that. I promise to step my game up. Or at the very least use the thesaurus when necessary. That would be a great help, I’m sure.

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