One more point on “Spirit Run” – part 4

Forgive the double post today, but I didn’t want to neglect the “Newborn” that comes to life in this section. It’s the first appearance of the spirit taking form; “growing up”, if you will. Having survived the onslaught of the Rogue, the orb matures into a new body – something that resembles a human. And it’s about time, I figure. It’s a promising sign to the Trio that things are progressing well. The Rogue was the first character to cause any strife in this story so there’s a real moment of relief in this section. And due to that relief, the orb can finally take on a new shape.

I really enjoyed this, specifically the image of the others angels harmonizing with one another. Everything plays off of one another with perfect precision – choirs singing, melodies chanting, wings interlocking, etc. It’s some familiar imagery with a little of my own interpretation thrown in there for good measure. As I said before though, I’m not a fan of how I edited this part. That’ll have to change.

The next part should reveal more of the next big conflict. It can’t be all smooth sailing for this group, right? Yes, there are worse things than a Rogue spirit trying to suck the life out of you. Really, there are. As fun (or eerie) as that sounds.

Till next time.

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