“Spirit Run” – part 4

No intro necessary on this one. Just continuing where we left off in part 3.

“That was very dangerous,” said Balphin. “If he takes too much, he will be warred upon before he can defend himself properly. We must show more restraint with our words.”
“Yes, I agree,” said Armin. “A light burning twice as bright is twice as noticeable.”
“It seems that this one is open to our words though,” said Harda. “We should not shy away from that.”
The Trio continued conversation as more and more orbs of light came into view. One such ball, larger than theirs, crossed over their orb’s trail and then circled back again. Two more did the same. And then another. And another. There were many following close behind
“It would seem that he has attracted even more attention,” said Balphin.
Two orbs, as radiant as the Trio’s, came up alongside their own. Each glowed with the familiar gold – sparks bubbling and flying about in close range. Their collective light illuminated the space around them, bouncing off one another as if they were playing catch with one another. The Trio observed as the plane they flew upon – once dim and gray – took form and shape. Waves of strange energy straightened, flowed, and snapped into place. It became difficult to discern if the mirror image had been there before or was now only visible because of the company the Trio now shared.
“Not bad attention, I’d say,” said Harda.
“No, not at all,” said Armin.
The Trio whirled faster upon the orb. In the presence of others like theirs, the Trio became a rainbow of beautiful blues, whites, and reds. The other Angelic guardians swirled faster as well. Wings of light fanned out, touching one another and blurring the line between voids of space. The places between all but disappeared – a canopy of light covered the orbs as they dashed across the transparent surface to some unforeseen destination.
Then a few more golden orbs joined. And even more after that. The new landscape was alive with light, burning with brilliant energy. More and more seemed to join, drawn to the unified light in the arena. The Trio’s ball of light grew in size. And the others did the same. Time slowed in the field of glowing light. The orb – which had been a perfect sphere – changed its shape. It morphed; its core stretched upward and the inside rumbled as though there was something just bursting to come forth. Light pushed against light as the cocoon that was once the ball of light took a form that was similar to that of the Trio.
“Look!” cried Harda. “He’s waking up!”
“’Waking up?’” repeated Balphin. “Still using that term, are we?”
“What else would you have me say?”
“We’ve had others before – ‘alive’, ‘seeing’, ‘standing’ – take your pick.”
“Ha! I am just feeling the moment, my friend!”
The two Angels bounced their sounds off one another in playful retort. The other Angels performed the same dance; synchronizing their wings in perfect harmony as light billowed upon the plan in perfect harmony. A sound, like a harp playing, whirled across the horizon. Then there were more sounds: trumpets, trombones – melodies indescribable became the norm. And when the wings of the Trio touched the wings of others, faces appeared. Much like when Armin protected the orb from the Rogue, images of people came into view. They splashed together as they smiled. And the orb changed shape even more.
“Look now!” cried Armin. “Release our barriers! Pull yourselves back!”
The Trio lifted themselves higher. The light was becoming too bright for the Trio to remain in the orb’s vicinity. Energy struck the bottom of their free-floating bodies and their feet were exposed. Then the ball of light grew an arm, then two. A ray of light extended from the base and split to make two legs. Then a head and neck became visible. The transformation continued until a creature of perfect light –genderless, but fully shaped – appeared before them. The Newborn raised its head, light burning from its head and back like flames.
“Amazing!” cried Harda. “Look there! He burns brighter now!”
“Indeed!” shouted Balphin.
“Agreed,” said Armin. The three stopped circling above. They took turns leaning in close to the Newborn, changing from the formless to the formed in the presence of the Newborn’s light.
Harda flew in front, pressing himself as close as he could. In the aura of the Newborn, his entire body became obvious. A lightly brown body with white sash draped his entire figure. He had no shoes or other attire, but he did possess some otherworldly light upon his back, which changed from flashing light to white wings in the blink of an eye. The orb had grown, but even so, Harda was several times larger in comparison. His face gleamed as he looked upon the newborn’s body of light.
“My, how they shine,” said Harda. “I never grow tired of it.”
“In the presence of so many others,” started Armin. “He’ll be sure to grow exponentially. So long as they stay this course, they will only continue to mature and develop.”
“Yes, but be wise, brothers,” said Balphin. “Do not forget. Things will change.”
“Do not be so harsh, Balphin,” said Harda. He looked up at the two Angels with sympathetic eyes. “There is still hope. Do not forget to have hope.”
“Yes,” said Armin. “We must have hope as well. I trust your wisdom but experience may speak otherwise as Balphin has suggested.”
“Then let me breathe life into this one,” said Harda. “We must breathe more life if this one is to survive what awaits.”
“Do not intervene too much,” cautioned Balphin. Harda floated to the other side of the Newborn.
“But there is so much light for this one,” said Harda. “Surely we must try.”
“Small, he was,” said Armin. “And small he will stay, but even so, I trust what judgment you have, Harda.”
“Very well,” said Balphin. “It is decided.”
Harda smiled earnestly. He opened his mouth and began to speak in close quarters with the Newborn. Sound penetrated the Newborn’s exterior and sunk into its core. Then Harda dispersed, allowing Balphin to have access. Transformed again, Balphin spoke to the Newborn as well. His platinum hair enveloped the Newborn until at last, he ascended. Then it was Armin’s turn. He descended quickly, speaking closely to the Newborn before flying up into the space above the plane. This sequence continued for many rounds; the Newborn increasing in magnitude with each pass of the Trio.
As each of them did this, the other built a protective layer around the Newborn. Their wings, taking the shape of shields, created a powerful fortress around the Newborn. Much like it was with the Rogue, only this time the walls were not as transparent. Faces appeared in greater detail, speaking in tongues all about the Newborn – their words indeterminable within the Trio’s space of light, but perfectly clear among the Newborn’s aura.
Be strong…
Do not lose heart…
Treat others…
Do not give in to the temptation…you are worth far more that that….
“How much more should we give?” asked Armin.
“As much as necessary,” answered Balphin.
“And as much as he is willing to receive,” said Harda.
The Newborn was more than half the size of the Angels now. He stretched his golden arms out, nearly touching Armin as Armin swooped alongside.
“Careful!” cried Balphin.
The Newborn seemed to sense that something was near him. He reached in all directions, each time getting closer to one of the Angels. Armin dodged every attempt by the Newborn, widening the gap between them.
“Exciting, this one!” shouted Armin. “I haven’t had this much fun in ages. I’m impressed at how adept this one is!”

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