“Spirit Run” – part 3

Part 3 of this venture. Essentially, my Trio has encountered something of a foe along their way and that’s where section 3 kicks off.

Hope you enjoy.

“Why? Why do you want this one so badly?” asked Harda. His voice was sympathetic, desperate to a point. As Harda drew nearer, he was engulfed by the orb’s surrounding glow, which transformed his face and upper body. Brown eyes, deeply set and compassionate, came into focus while his lightly-colored blond hair fell at his shoulders. His face, darker and more rounded than Armin’s, looked upon the Rogue with curiosity, awaiting an answer but he received none.
“Please,” he continued. “Answer me, Rogue. Why this one? It is so young. What do you want it for? What is it that happened to you that is so terrifying?”
Balphin, who was furthest away, bent in to address the intruder as well. Atop the orb, Balphin’s face also took shape and color; it was darkest of the three, fixed with amber eyes that sang like a sunset and hair that was lined in silvers, whites, and platinum.
“Try as you might, Rogue,” said Balphin. “But you cannot have this one. Not yet. We will not allow this.”
Both Balphin and Harda pressed their faces close to the shield, safely guarded from the volatile Rogue, but still only fractions away.
“Why?” asked Harda, pleading with the invader. “Why?”
“Enough…,” said Armin. “There is no more to be said. You cannot help it.”
Armin pushed back against the orb, which was still flailing wildly. Armin pressed hard, but did so in a reluctantly. He pleaded with the Rogue, hopeful that somehow it may understand the situation: “Do not return to this place, you are not welcome upon this one. There are others who may take you but this one – this one is too young. We must protect it. You must understand.”
Armin’s shield doubled in size. The golden décor on the shield alternated between ornaments of light and human faces. These new designs obscured the Rogue’s sight, if it had any, detracting its attention on the light of the Trio’s orb. The shield became so dense that it was nearly impossible for the Rogue to see through the once transparent shield. But even then, it did not stop. The Rogue defiantly spun in the direction of the Trio’s orb, unwilling to comply with Armin’s order. Harda and Balphin remained interested; they leaned in, seeking some revelation as to why the Rogue was upon them so ardently.
“It will not hear you, Armin,” said Balphin. “It’s confused, bewildered – do you see that there? At its center?”
Armin and Harda looked into the Rogue’s wheel of light. It was imploding on itself, drawing in everything that had light around it. The Trio was not unfamiliar with this kind of
“I see…,” said Armin. “This is beyond any of us now.” The two Angels hung their heads as though defeated. Balphin rescinded back above the orb, but Harda lingered. He was unable to accept the situation.
“Enough, Harda,” said Balphin. “Return to us.”
“Are you absolutely certain? Shouldn’t we try? Just a little more?”
Harda pushed on. He peered into the Rogue and saw a dark hole inside. This orb, though still made of light, had chosen a darkened pit as its epicenter. Harda resisted but eventually wept. He looked up and saw the shadows of three other Angels. Their bodies had shrunk in size; they were no bigger than grains of rice, barely visible to Harda and the others.
“Faithful, they are,” said Harda. “Even now, they are faithful. I am so sorry, my brethren. I wish we could help you in this. I truly do.”
Amidst the other Angels, Harda could see even more shadows, but these were moving independently. They rushed in and out of the trinity, avoiding any retaliation from the Angels. They crashed against the Angels, biting and tearing at the light they offered, eager to devour what little was left of them. The Angels of the Rogue cried out – their connection further severed by the advancing darkness.
“Come back, Harda,” said Armin. “There is nothing more. They will be avenged but not by our hands.”
Reluctantly, Harda coiled himself backwards, back to the plane above the light of their protected orb. The Rogue pushed hard, but Armin resisted with little strain. The orb of light beneath the Trio rolled closer to the Rogue, inspecting it with a strange curiosity.
“You may look, but do not be engaged by this thing,” said Balphin, his waves of light refracting off the orb. “We can only keep what is outside of our shield away from you. Do not entrust yourself to this thing!”
Balphin’s pleas for discernment seemed to work. The orb halted and did not move. More sparks of light spilled out from its golden sphere, enticing the Rogue even more so. Armin held his ground as Harda and Balphin circled overhead. Then, as if hearing the the cries of its protectors, the ball of light drifted from the Rogue orb. It rolled slowly in the opposite direction, heading to the next unforeseen location. The Rogue and its angelic guards stayed outside the protective realm, unable to move forward. It followed for a time until finally breaking from the barrier, disappearing into the plane. The Trio watched it closely until it was gone from their sight.

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