“Spirit Run” – Part 2

On to part 2 of this short story. There’s plenty going on in this small snippet, specifically a first encounter with something other than the angels themselves.

Of the three Angels, Balphin possessed the sharpest of memories. His ability to call upon past experiences granted the others a well of wisdom that neither Harda nor Armin could retain alone. Always presented with great accuracy – Balphin recalled events like reading a written letter. Harda was always the most sensitive to the events currently taking place. The other two had learned to follow his colors closely, for these would signify when the journey was about to begin. Or to end. Light colors meant a failing spirit while darker and more intense colors meant the opposite. The last of the three, Armin, was the enforcer – his mind always on what lied ahead. His patience was often tried by the spirit’s present state but in the presence of the other two, he was kept in balance. Together, they were perfectly balanced – just as intended.
“Yes! At last!” shouted Armin.
As Balphin had predicted, the ball began to move. It rolled onto its side as if it had gone belly up, leaving behind a fingerprint of golden paint. Then it rolled faster, picking up speed as if it were tumbling down a mountainside. The three Angels followed closely. They remained high above, revolving in a circular motion above the orb.
“Quick, this one,” said Armin.
“First he’s small and now he’s quick,” said Balphin. “Anything else you care to add?”
“Well, he would appear to be both,” said Armin. “Agreed?”
“I would agree,” said Balphin. “Much like the last.”
“I like him,” said Harda. “He seems lively.”
“Let’s hope so,” said Balphin.
The three tracked the orb’s movements as if they were connected by some intangible wire. Even when the orb would dart in another direction, the three Angels stayed in close proximity.
“This is very exciting!” shouted Harda. “Look at how fast he’s going!”
“Indeed,” said Balphin.
“Watch him now,” said Armin. “There are more up ahead.”
Another ball of light streaked behind the Trio’s orb. And then another dashed in front. Both orbs left a golden trail in their wake; three large beings, transparent and floating as the Trio did, circled these foreign orbs.
“Did you see them there?” asked Harda. “Those just now?”
“Yes,” answered Balphin. “Interesting to see them this early.”
“Keep your gaze upon ours, Harda,” said Armin. Armin’s body vibrated a lush red, striking Harda and Balphin both. Balphin deflected it, feeling the order unnecessary and sent the message back to Armin.
“I understand!” shouted Harda. A wave of light bounced back to Armin and Balphin, canceling out the red ripple that struck Harda just moments prior. “But all the same, did you not see that? I believe that was Galas, Bricol, and Entou! You know, from the 12th guard? How is it that we always see them like this?”
“The bonds are deep,” said Balphin. “They must be beckoning for connection again. Not uncommon, even after so many generations. I am not surprised, I must say.”
“Nor am I,” said Armin. “Even in these dark places, you can still find another without much difficulty so long as the light shines bright enough, lads.” Armin’s words made him glow a deep blue. The intensity of his speech was so great that it breached the orb that was beneath them. And when Armin’s light touched the orb, its light adopted Armin’s blue waves and in turn, grew in size.
“Careful, Armin!” shouted Balphin. “Too much of that and he’ll retract on us.”
“Sorry, lads.”
Balphin’s warning came to fruition. The orb of light increased exponentially, but it did not move any faster. Its movements reduced to a dull pace, the Angels circling slower and slower. And within a few moments, the orb was at a complete standstill – as was the Trio.
“Well, looks like I’ll be intervening on this one,” said Armin. The Angel was eager to right his wrong; he bent over, wings spread as he attempted to make further contact with the orb. Balphin and Harda watched with great intent, but a flash of light distracted them from Armin’s mission. Off in the distance, another ball of light appeared, smaller than the Trio’s and burning as if it were on fire. It was moving very fast, but its actions were extremely erratic. The orb would stop abruptly, pulse out of sync, and then continue spinning madly again. It burned with hues of several colors – red, blue, yellow, and orange as it positioned itself closer to the Trio.
“Behind you, Armin!” cried Harda.
“What do you see?”
“A Rogue!”
“I can’t say I believe you, lad….”
“Look for yourself then!”
Armin didn’t have to look; Harda’s body turned a deep red – alarming Armin. The Angel readied himself. The right side of his body manifested a separate beacon of light – first white, then blue and finally gold. A new appendage, like an arm, appeared next to Armin. Upon the arm was a shield, shaped like a slab of stone but decorated with golden light like some beautiful tapestry. It was as wide as his body and just as tall. Armin slammed the shield down with a battle cry. A barrier of pure light encapsulated the glowing orb where Armin was stationed. Harda and Balphin mimicked their companion; a bright light, an arm, and then a shield – thrust sharply upon the ground. Their shields expanded, touching one another to form a massive bubble of light and pure energy. The Angels then extended the wall further, doubling and tripling it in size as it reached deep into the void.
“Hold tight!” shouted Harda and the three Angels braced themselves. The Rogue orb barreled towards their own, colors exploding like a hot wire. It crashed into Armin’s side; a thunderous slam vibrated up the column at the point of impact. Streaks of green, blue, and black spit from the Rogue but Armin’s barrier did not break – the wall of light did not even budge. The orb had been halted but it continued to spin erratically, searching for a chink in Armin’s armor. With the blockade in place, Harda left his post to inspect the Rogue further.

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