More thoughts on “Spirit Run” – part 2

Section two of Spirit Run introduces more conversation among the Trio, aka the Angels. It also gives a little history on each of their characters – why they’re together, how they got together, and what they’re doing as a group. I feel it’s safe to say that they are working to protect the tiny ball of light that’s with them, but it’s also refreshing to delve a bit into what makes each of them unique.

Armin, for example, is the most forward-thinking of the three. He is concerned with movement and pushing the crew onward. Balphin calls on experience to better navigate their path – advising as things arise – while Harda is somewhere in between. There’s a small inkling of Armin’s sarcastic side within this section too. Something I’ve enjoyed doing with this story. This is supposed to be fun, I do recall. Not some grueling experience I’m chained down to.

The part where the ball of light “grows” is a concept I thought might be fun also. Hearing the angel’s talk among themselves could affect his growth if he’s touched by it. Who is to say that couldn’t make a spirit grow bigger and stronger, eh? Too much though and it attracts the wrong kind of attention, hence the other ball that comes in later.

On with part 3 later this week and the “Rogue” spirit.


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