Some thoughts on “Spirit Run” – 1

I started this story shortly after taking a week-long break from writing. The time spent away from the daily grind was a relief, but it also made me all the more eager to return to my laptop. I’ve had a ton of “big” ideas lately, ones I’d really like to complete but the enormity of those projects can make me feel like I’ll never finish them. Or that I’m running in place. That feeling, “running in place”, can be a good metaphor to help explain how we see ourselves at times – stuck, stagnate, and isolated in our work. Since I’d been struggling with that, I started to dig into why I was feeling that way. And that’s where the idea came to mind – what might that look like in a spiritual sense? I got the notion of a spirit doing something similar – running in place, but rather than be stuck where it was, it was running towards something at the same time.

But where was it going? And for what purpose? Gears turned, light bulbs went off, and I began to write. Funny how asking questions can lead to more questions, but if you are asking specific ones, you tend to get some specific answers too. I wanted a clear vision of what to do, but the most important step was just beginning. Once that happened, things really started to take shape.

For example, were there dangers? I thought of what might be required to have a safe passage for my character. What about being covered in the light of a few guardian angels? Ok, that works. And have the story told from their perspective? Sure, that sounds exciting too. I mean, what kind of conversations might angels be having when they look down at a human spirit? I’ve often wondered what that might look like. So why not write about it? And away we go.

The manner in which I first present the angels was also very important. Our general knowledge depicts angels with robes, relatively long hair, and most importantly – wings of some kind. I don’t disagree with this type of visage – there are other types, mind you – but do they always start out in this fashion? These are beings made in light, after all. So why not have them communicate through the use of said light? I wanted to establish this early on; that angels aren’t just the wispy, toga-wearing creations we usually view them as. They are diverse creations, complete with their own personalities and characteristics. The three in this story are no exception.

Going forward, I’ll continue to expound on this concept of “transparent becoming apparent”; specifically when angels are engulfed in the light of a spirit. I like that idea and it makes for a fun visual within the context of the story.

Part 2 to follow later this evening.

Till later,

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