“Spirit Run” – Part 1

As promised, here is the first section of my short story, Spirit Run.

I’m planning to not exceed more than 1,000 words with every post, but I’ll bend the rules depending upon where I am at in the story. I don’t plan on posting every single day but we’ll see how that goes. The story is a little over 15,000 words so if I post everyday then that’s 15 days worth.

As before, Spirit Run is a story that follows three angels who have been given the task of guarding a “spirit” as it moves towards its final destination: a human being. This first section is about setting the ground work for everything else so please bear with me. And I’ve done the best I can with the formatting. Enjoy!

“Small, this one,” said a voice.
“Yes, quite small,” said another.
“He doesn’t know how big he is yet,” said a third voice. “Once he knows, he’ll get moving.”
“I would hope so,” said the first voice. “I’m growing tired of waiting. How long are we to stay focused on this one? Do you know?”
“No,” said the second voice.
“No,” said the third.
“Very well,” said the first voice. “I’ll look into it.”
Armin, an Angel of the 11th guard, prepped himself for flight. His body –transparent and full of light – billowed with vitality. He had no face, but a head was clearly apparent and separate from the rest of his figure. The wings on his back, like fans of radiated energy, stretched out behind him; they reached upwards, latching onto something high above and pulling him out of sight as though he were evaporating. The other Angels stayed where they were, their transparent forms simmering in the plane between planes.
“I’m excited for this one,” said the second Angel, also known as Harda.
“Any reason?” asked the third Angel, also known as Balphin.
“Should there be a reason other than the norm?”
“Which is?”
“The opportunity to fulfill a promise.”
Balphin was in agreement with Harda. “Yes, that is true. I suppose I was just curious if there were anything else. Anything that may have spurned a separate feeling for this one.”
“Maybe…,” said Harda. The Angel appeared to be thinking deeply. “I suppose that has yet to be seen.”
Armin returned as Balphin and Harda were exchanging words. The Angel floated down softly into the empty space that he and the other Angels inhabited. His wings didn’t flap, rather they acted like a large parachute as he landed above the formless void beneath. Harda was diagonal to his right; Balphin diagonal to his left. In Armin’s presence, the other two Angels were of equal size and stature; their wings and forms comparable to one another.
“What did you discover, Armin?” asked Harda.
“The same information I always receive: to wait.”
“You should have expected that,” said Balphin. “When will you learn?”
“Never, I suspect.”
“Waiting, it is then,” said Harda. “I am at peace with that. Are you also, Balphin?”
“Yes, I am,” said Balphin.
“Well good for you both,” said Armin. “I dislike this part very much, lads. Having to wait for so long makes me want to start things myself. But as you said, I may never learn.”
“I believe there’s hope for you yet,” said Balphin. “It’s a tiny hope, but it’s there.”
“Much appreciated,” said Armin. The light on his body changed to a deep blue. “I trust that the same can be said for our friend here.”
The three Angels looked down into the space just beyond their reach. Suspended under their bodies was a tiny orb of gold. It flickered with a gentle glow; crackling small pieces of light like embers on a fire. Armin’s color changed again, this time from dark blue to bright blue.
“I still say,” said Armin. “It’s small, this one. I can’t say I’ve ever seen one this small before.”
“I have,” said Balphin.
“How?” asked Armin. The question for Balphin was a valid one. The three of them had always been tasked together as one. There were never any deviations in protocol. What one of them had experienced, surely the other two had as well.
“You don’t remember, do you?”
“Our last assignment, Armin. That one was just as small. I am sure of it.”
Armin bent over to get a closer look. His body, translucent as it was, began to glow with greater intensity, rapidly taking a new form as he approached the tiny ball of light. His face appeared – eyes blue like sky and face bright and clear like the sun. Then, his hair burst forth. A long mane full of browns, reds, and black showered down at his sides. Armin’s eyes sparkled as he examined the little energy ball. Then he smiled and returned to his post with the other two; his body returning to its former shape once more.
“You are right, Balphin. This one is not as small as the last. I stand corrected.”
“What a shame that was,” said Harda. His body bulged with a bright blue and retracted upon itself. The Angel’s melancholy tone skewed the other Angel’s forms; Harda’s pain and grief realized in prisms of light. The others absorbed Harda’s pulse and changed their colors in tune.
“Do not lose heart, Harda,” said Balphin. He bounced back a softer shade of blue and purple, soothing Harda’s sudden drop in mood. “Armin’s observation is a sign that this one will succeed. That is all.”
“I certainly hope so,” said Harda. His colors returned to a light blue and the aura about his head radiated more strongly.
“My apologies to all,” said Armin. “I am never very good at remembering the others.”
“We all have our lapses,” said Balphin.
“Yes, but in some cases,” said Armin. “I’d like to not remember as well.”
“That is another thing,” said Balphin. “Another thing that I understand all too well.”
“Agreed,” said Harda.
The Angels traded conversation; an aurora of blues, reds, pinks, and purples illuminated the void as they communicated with one another. Harda’s colors changed dramatically. The Angel echoed with an intense blue, garnering the attention of his comrades.
“Be on your guard, brothers,” said Balphin. The ball of light blipped and crackled, a strong indication that the time was near.
“It would appear that we won’t have to wait much longer.”

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