A Few Things

Just a few things.

Although it’s been more like me to present some thoughts and opinions on here, I’ve decided to share some actual work I’ve been doing. Sometime later today, I’ll begin posting bits and parts of a short story I’ve recently finished. Considering the work I do now, I’ve been fortunate to be in what writers might call “hyper creative season” (many thanks to my friend, Immanuel, for crafting that phrase). It’s a fancy way of saying, “I’ve had more free time to write.” The extra time is great, but the discipline required to use that time effectively can be very hard.

Over the past few months, I’ve been experimenting with new ways to manage all my added time. Do I write in the morning? Do I write at night? Do I only read this week? Do I not read at all? These seem like simple questions – and let’s be honest, they are – but to someone who is bubbling with thoughts and ideas, it can be daunting. Focus and direction are key. And they’re concepts I’ve been studying, honing in on, and desperately trying to wrangle to the ground. That way I can stop living in the clouds and start running on solid ground.

Which is, coincidentally, a great image and part of what inspired me to write this short story, appropriately named Spirit Run. To preface this, Spirit Run is the tale of three angels who have been tasked with guarding a spark of life as it “runs” towards its human vessel. Their conversations, the enemies they face, and their interactions with other angelic beings are all weaved into this story; eventually culminating with the breach of the physical realm and an encounter with their intended destination.

This is a major break from what I’ve done in the past. The primary reason being that it’s fiction. I’m telling a story rather than presenting an essay. That is something I’ve really enjoyed, but have also found to be quite challenging.

And that’s all I’d like to give away at the moment. I look forward to sharing this soon and look forward to feedback and comments.

Till later,

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