Into the funnel I go….

For as much as I razz on social media, one would think that I despise the concept altogether. That I believe it’s some terrible, horrible thing meant only to destroy socially acceptable behavior. Well, part of that may have some truth in it, but I don’t hate social media in its entirety. For instance, without social media I wouldn’t have this blog at all. And I’m sure other folks out there wouldn’t be able to connect with people they otherwise would never have met (for good or bad). So there is certainly some good things to be had in the realm of social media.

Keeping this in mind, I’ve recently decided to begin a “funnel” experiment with social media. In other words, I’m attempting to centralize my efforts. A single point of origin for the majority of my work and what I’m up to. And it’s starting with this blog.

After I finished my last post, I realized how much cyberspace I was already occupying: Facebook (personal and otherwise), Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, among others. This was all done in order to keep people from using my name or any of my ideas. I know, sounds narcissistic, doesn’t it? But from a business standpoint, this would make the most sense, would it not? You know – get the real estate before someone else moves in on your turf? Well, that may also be elaborate cover for my own paranoia but that’s what I was up to – making certain that nobody else could get the “Epiphanies, Theories, and Downright Thoughts…” pages whilst creating groups, links, and other various sites that could house the project. After a year of flirting with this, getting distracted, and tossing around failed ideas, I’ve decided that it’s best to minimize the effort. All things will just be coming from J.C.L. Faltot at this point. Done and done.

It feels good to finally put that in writing. Ideally, it would have been nice to come up with this plan earlier but that’s just how we live and learn. So into the funnel I go and as I do, I enter with the hope that what comes out of the funnel will be worthwhile for the new year.

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