Hard to write when it’s nice out

The weather took a serious turn for the better here in OH and it’s affecting everyone I see. “Mild grumpiness” has turned to “slightly happy” and “fairly hostile” has become “somewhat approachable”. It’s a relief to see people in such good moods all day, even if it’s the result of a little vitamin D coming their way. I, for one, am also relieved. The only problem is trying to come up with what to write about.

When it gets nice outside, I don’t want to be inside. I’d rather be outside; as would most other people I’d imagine. If you’re a writer, that’s a bit of a conundrum to be in. You almost wish that the environment wouldn’t play such a hefty role in your writing process, but guess what, it does. As a child, I liked being outside. Rather than grow out of that phase, it’s stayed with me my whole life. So when the weather goes from chilly to “hey let’s wear shorts today”, I get jumpy and head outside.

And outside means no laptop, no pen and paper, and certainly no publishing of blogs. Granted, I could pop open my iPhone and jot down a quick post, but who would see it? If you’ve been stuck in a cave for 6 months (like the rest of Northeast OH) then you ought to be outside when the sun comes out. Leave that iPhone or Droid at home. Kick a ball around or just run up and down the sidewalk (sounds crazy, but could be fun). That’s seizing the moment, if you will.

Conversely, my time to seize the moment is when it’s too cold to venture beyond my apartment. Sure, I’ll write in the summer – that’s a given – but it may not be with the same frequency that I do in the winter. By spring’s end, I should be enjoying a decent book; not just writing one.

So what do you write about when the sun comes out? Well, nothing really I guess. Just a few short quips on the importance of being out I suppose? That sounds about right.


  1. Enjoy the sunshine!

  2. It wouldn’t be such a big deal to get outside when it’s nice if it would just be nice more often! Sounds like a country song.

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