Been rather quiet lately….

It’s not that I’ve been uninspired or that I’m too busy, I just haven’t felt compelled to blog about anything lately. In truth, I’ve been trying to make some things happen on the book release front. Editing and proofreading are by far my least favorite part of writing. Yes, there’s the wait associated with having completed your work, but nobody likes to chop up and reassess their own projects. Once you finish something, you feel like it’s a done deal. Ah well.

The other downnside is that revisions sap your strength. I love to be creative but when it comes to restructuring that creativity, it can feel like a total buzzkill. Any writing endeavor I may have had gets pushed to the back of my mind, or the bottom of the importance list as I focus on the less enjoyable parts of this process. And so, things go quiet for a while.

That being said, I’m pleased to say that the editing and all that jazz is DONE. So now comes that waiting part. My book will be ready to go live in the next couple weeks so when the time comes I will not be so silent anymore. In the meantime, I’ll look to share some more snippets and/or excerpts. How else are you supposed to get the word out? Am I right?

Till the next time then.

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