My Blog’s One-Year Anniversary

Wahoo, right? Last week, I noticed a strange symbol on my WordPress homepage. It wasn’t the normal “star” that pops up when you get a notification – this is when someone “likes” or comments on your blog. So I clicked on it and a message popped up saying, “Congratulations, it’s the anniversary of your blog – 1 year”.

1 year, eh? That went by rather quickly, I feel. 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds – that’s the duration (give or take a few seconds). So long as my math is correct, that’s how long my blog has been “alive”. I breathed life into this thing a little over a year ago and now here we are. I’ve had 40+ posts, 40+ comments and a little over 1,500 views. By the numbers, that’s nearly 1 post every 9 days. Or if you prefer, that’s 1 post every 863,400 seconds. I’m not a numbers guy by nature, but it’s intriguing to see the results of one’s labor.

But that’s about as much as interest I have in crunching the numbers on a blog. When it comes to writing, you really can’t quantify the experience. I could sit here and drabble on for hours about the number of views I had per day, or how many comments I accumulated per minute, but none of that would mean anything to me in the long run. The words we use and engage others with are lost once they’re said. Our mouths project our thoughts or feelings and then it’s over. Essentially, our words are an intangible thing; spoken with uncalculated power and oftentimes received with unforeseeable results. For exmample, if I add 1 and 1 together, I will always get 2, but if I say the same thing to two different people, I will not always get the same response.

Ironically, words have a dual nature. They can, in fact, be made tangible through written text. Rather than remain a fleeting object, words can be recorded and referenced time and time again. In this way, our words do not leave us completely. They can withstand years of heavy weather like a steel bridge or a brick building, accessible to the user so long as someone is willing to tend and keep them for future usage.

As a writer, you may struggle with the duality of words – I certainly have. I may not possess the inherent skill to build an engine from scratch or bake brownies with continual success (Lord knows I wish I could), but I have always had a knack for recognizing the structure of a sentence and the power it holds within. A few good words can plant themselves firmly in the depths of a mind and thus, help him navigate through the darkest of his days. Conversely, a few ill words can penetrate even deeper, thus forming an infection of the mind capable of crippling that person for life. And the only thing that will cure the diseased spirit are words of a completely different nature.

I will probably always be in amazement at the power of a few chosen words; for good or for bad. When you hear someone say, “Hey, did you ever hear that one quote?” or “Did you ever read that one book?” you either lean in for a good lesson or you back off due to some bad experience you had before. There is no neutral zone with words; they bring a reaction that the recipient may or may not have ever seen coming. That is what I find to be the most intriguing.

So a year over and my blog is technically a year old. To dig a little deeper, my written words are technically a year old. And what’s the reward? Well, WordPress tells me it’s a tiny trophy and a congratulatory comment. That’s not too bad, I figure. Yeah, I’d prefer a check in the mail (preferably a HEFTY check) but I’m am fully aware that this will not be happening. That’s not to say that if it did, I wouldn’t be grateful; I’d just be really suspicious as to why it came in the first place. In which case, I will show my respect to WordPress by drawing a large trophy with a “thank you” painted on the front.

You can’t put a value on that type of artistry, I assure you.


  1. Congratulations. Apparently, most bloggers give up inside the first 10 months, so you’ve already gone beyond that milestone as well. Happy blogging 🙂

  2. Congratulations

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