That was fast!

We all love to get things in a timely manner. This typically means as soon as possible; not humanly possible – nay, that would take too long. Instead, we prefer to get things before the time that was told to us. That’s why we must be conservative in our lead times when we make promises. It’s sales 101 if you ever take the course.

In my case, I received the production draft for my next book, “Epiphanies, Theories, and Downright Good Thoughts…made while being single” this morning. I was quite pleased by this, to say the least (I’m holding my excitement back as best I can as I type this). I was not anticipating the turnaround to be this fast so I believe a nice pat on the back is deserving to my publisher, iUniverse, for their efforts.

*pats on the back from across the computer* – Did you feel that iUniverse? Just checking.

Now comes the least favorite part: any final edits. A few weeks ago I posted a picture of the cover page for this book. The original manuscript was somewhere in the neighborhood of 155 pages but still needed some tweaks; not to mention (but I will) how I decided to combine the book rather than split it in half. This brings the total to just about 250 pages. I’m excited on so many levels but it appears my evenings will be spent doing some final reads before this is absolutely final.

In the meantime, I’ll provide a few snippets here and there that I hope you all can enjoy.

Till next time!


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