Getting closer!

Today was a good day (and I don’t mind tellin’ ya). I took the past few nights to hammer home some of the final edits on my next book and am finally at peace. The book was officially sent in for final production today but needs my “stamp of approval” before it goes to the print shop. As such, I’m eagerly awaiting that feedback. What I’m waiting on could take up to 2 weeks to produce.

I don’t mind being patient at this point. When you start a work, toil through, and bring it to completion, there’s a great weight lifted that’s beyond mere words. I can certainly feel that happening, but I know the real journey is about to begin. All the buzz; all the anticipation; all the immediate info that I want to just “get out there” has to be compiled and worked over.

With that in mind, stay tuned for some previews, among other things as we get closer to the release.


  1. Exciting to hear about you sending the manuscript off. This is going to be a fascinating read…

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