Made a difficult choice for my next book…

Ok, so I’ve been touting the next edition of “Epiphanies, Theories, and Downright Good Thoughts…” recently and I had to make a rather gutsy call: instead of taking the advice of my publisher and splitting this book in two, I’m going back to my original plan of combining the whole thing into one book. This brings my next book’s page count to over 250! This, coincidentally, is nearly TWICE the size of my first book.

Go figure, eh? “Epiphanies, Theories, and Downright Good Thoughts…made while being single” will effectively be two times the length of “Epiphanies, Theories, and Downright Good Thoughts…made while playing video games.”

Apparently, I had much more to talk about when I was single than when I was playing video games. I suppose that isn’t much of a shocker to anyone, but hey, that’s just what I’ve discovered along this journey. My reasons for doing this are varied, but overall, I just knew that this book was more than just another humorous venture: it was therapeutic; it was introspective, and it was chock full of good info for anyone who has tried to find meaning in life. Since that’s what the core of this book is about, I don’t want to shortchange anything by releasing a partly or halfway done piece of work; no, I’d rather it all be out there.

With that in mind, I am under a slight delay but am still shooting for a release in the next month or so. More info to come on that and a potential book signing event in May here in Cleveland (this writing books stuff is a lot of work!).

Till next time…and with more pages.

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