All is well – I found a lost shirt

I felt like being a little more light-hearted this morning. Yesterday was fileld with some real self-reflection type stuff, but this morning? Well, it’s a reflection but in a different way.

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been missing my gray thermal shirt. It’s not my favorite shirt or anything, but it is a valuable piece of my wardrobe. Like most guys, if I get a new article of clothing, I wear it as much as possible for a few weeks. I like letting people know that a) I dress myself and b) I can, in fact, keep up with the times. When you’re my age and you start looking through your closet to find only shirts that say “Be Like Mike” or “Hollister”, you begin to shop around. It’s as important for you as it is for your social circles – they go hand-in-hand, so to speak.

So anyway, I recently got this nice gray thermal. I love thermals. They’re like under armor but without that peel-me-off-slowly factor. Every holiday or birthday, I tell my family to buy me a couple thermals and I’ll be happy. Sure enough, I’ll receive a thermal but what’s more prevalent these days are items like socks or boxers. I believe I have enough boxers to wear for two months without doing laundry (and that’s not even turning them inside out either).

My thermal is right in there with the most coveted pieces of my clothing arsenal. But a few weeks back, I lost it. I couldn’t find this thing anywhere. Did I leave it back at my parent’s house? Did I leave it a friend’s? Maybe my girlfriend’s? I really had no idea and once I got through asking every plausbile guilty party, I had nothing to show for my efforts. I felt sunk. Clearly some thermal gnome or enemy of mine came and snatched my shirt away. This was my logical conclusion.

Woe is me.

Funny thing is, when we lose something, we still keep blaming everything under the sun but ourselves for this lost object. Sure, I may have misplaced it myself, but this is me we’re talking about. I don’t misplace things. I just keep them hidden till I want them later. And I hide these items so well that even I won’t be able to remember where something is when I go a-searchin’.

Ok, that may not be completely true of my own character, but clearly I’ve been down since parting with my thermal so abruptly. Well, wouldn’t you know it; as I’m cleaning this morning, I find myself digging to the bottom of a dirty clothes hamper and lo and behold – there she was. Wrinkled, smelly, and inside out; I believe one of the sleeves was scrunched inwardly, making it appear like I had no left arm had I been wearing it recently.

Despite the outward appearance and the clear lack of cleanliness, I still gave my thermal a nice hug. I was elated. This kept me from shopping and complaining for another week so I was now in a good mood. I then realized that I had stuffed my thermal in there several weeks ago and just never got to the bottom of my laundry hamper. Here, all this time, I had been moaning and groaning for something I couldn’t find, but all I had to do was dig a little deeper in my own mess to find it.

I don’t want to go any deeper with that thought, but rather let it ride a bit. Instead of dwelling on that, here’s to a day enriched by a shirt found that once was lost. It may have been buried in some gunk (quite literally) but I eventually pulled it back from the depths.

Now, I just need to wash the darned thing. And not forget it in the dryer. That could be much worse (and more embarrassing) than leaving it at the bottom of a dirty clothes basket.

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