Theory: Why being sick .. can actually be ‘ok’ at times (sorta).

Nobody likes getting sick. If you catch a cold, the flu, or a second go-round with the chicken pox, it’s never a fun situation. This past weekend, I too, fell ill. It’s ok; just a nice reminder that I have the same fallible immune system that everyone else does. And with that, I find myself wearing the same clothes for three straight days as I debate shaving or not.

Since I’m such an active person, getting sick really sets me back. I’m almost always on the go so catching the latest version of the flu isn’t something I want to deal with. But thsi year, it happened anyway: I caught something nasty. Mucus, headache, congestion…the whole nine yards and then some.


The last 48 hours can best be described as an island of isolation. The amount of space I have occupied is as large as a small living room; my movement restricted to water and bathroom breaks, which after a while, you realize are just part of a vicious cycle repeated over and over. But with the weekend creeping to a close, I reflect on my ill-enduced experience.

First and foremost, I left my cage for a few hours on Sunday afternoon. And in doing so, I noticed a few things. Such as the number of people eating and driving (it’s a lot), the number of people shopping in a hurried fashion as though there isn’t enough time in a day (lots of them too); and the number of people who run yellow lights, thus increasing the risk of causing a crash (just one person that I saw).

Normally I’d be bothered by these observations, but this weekend I was not. Instead it made me appreciate the times when I literally feel the world slowing down for me. And that’s a really great thing. When I was younger, I hated falling ill because it grounded me. But in the fast-paced style in which we live our lives, I like it when I am left without too many options. I can sit, think, heck, even read. The types of activities I wouldn’t normally do if I weren’t sick. It’s refreshing, in a way. So for that, I’m grateful.

Now, if only this hacking cough would go away. Then I’d be even more grateful.

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