Epiphany: The phenomenon that is Christmas Day.

If you are celebrating the birth of our Lord, then you are doing one of two things by now: sitting at a relative’s house reminiscing on good times or you are sitting at a relative’s house enduring awkward conversation till it’s time to leave. Over the years, I’ve been through both of these scenarios to some extent. Inevitably people will fight or quarrel over something; thus turning quality time into want-to-leave-immediately time. All people go through seasons of their life in which they feel isolated; wishful that someone will help them even if they are knowingly being distant.

It’s human nature, which guess what – ain’t exactly perfect.

But year-in and year-out, we still gather with family for some much needed group therapy. And that’s exactly how I see it these days – group therapy. But it’s group therapy in the grandest way possible. We commune with one another because we celebrate the birth of the Light of the world. And that’s something that never changes,despite the changing seasons of our lives and the inherent nature of our very beings.

So enjoy 2012’s “group therapy” session as best you are able. Uplift the one who needs it most and be open to this subtle healing opportunity if you need it too.Because next year things will be different once more, but the celebration of God’s gift stays the same.

My hope for you is to spend this time with those who aren’t just family, but fellow members of a much larger family that’s in need of some comfort and support. But hey, remember to have some fun while you’re at it.


– J.C.L.

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