Why what the President asked … is so important

This post is not meant for speaking on any of the following: recognizing the shooter, his actions, or the reason for why he did what he did in Newtown, Connecticut. This is an extremely hard topic to talk about, seeing as how I’m tucked away in another state and not a member of the community that’s been affected by this. The truth is that I don’t completey understand what has transpired and though I’ll read news stories for the next few days or so, I’ll still be left at a loss for how to react.

I feel saddened more than anything else. Saddened that this has become a familiar pattern in the heart of the U.S. A disturbing event takes place, the media explodes with up-to-date coverage, experts weigh in on what “went wrong” and then after two weeks of honoring those who committed heroic acts, the world goes back to apparent normalcy. It’s fast-becoming a reality that what’s normal was once considered to be a once in a lifetime occurence. And through it all, we focus on the past rather than focusing on the future. We wish to explain the past in order to establish a better future. The fact of the matter is that the past is over and it’s a new day. And that is where we should be headed.

After watching President Obama’s address at the Interfaith Vigil tonight, I felt compelled to reiterate some of his words. Rather than criticize the man, I wanted to touch on what he spoke of towards the end of his speech. It was the question he asked to all who were in attendance or listening at home: “why are we here?” It’s probably the crucial question to be asking these days. Not just as a nation, but for every individual residing within.

Why are we here?

Are we here to spread darkness? Or are we here to perpetuate life? Are we here to create confusion? Or are we here to spread the good news? The core of every human heart is asking these questions. But instead of asking these of ourselves when the terrible strikes, why not ask this question every day? And if we continue to do this, we can recognize what is important. And in doing so, we’ll be able to prevent the terribly impossible long before it even has a chance to occur.


  1. Thank you for your comments.

    I believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. Several bloggers are encouraging others to send cards and letters to the school. Here is the address:

    The school’s address is:
    Sandy Hook Elementary School
    12 Dickenson Drive
    Newtown, CT 06482

    God Bless.

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