Epiphany: The two most important things … going on the next two weeks.

1.) The Election

2.) Release of Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Those are it. On the surface, the selection of our country’s leader may not have the same magnitude as a popular gaming franchise, but to millions of video game players around the U.S., it will. You see, they don’t know yet what they are getting, but at least they know they’ll have something in their hands when the release day comes. They’ll open up a casing marked either “Halo 4” or “Call of Duty”. They’ll sniff the new box scent; then place their new purchase in a gaming console. And within a few minutes, they’ll be enjoying a rousing game of capture the flag or deathmatch with other players from around the globe. It could be Halo 4 that gets them going. It could be Call of Duty that makes them happy. Heck, some kids may get both, but in the world I come from you tend to like one or the other (still talking about Halo or Call of Duty here, people). Sounds like politics though, eh? You’re either left wing or you’re right wing, right? I don’t know if buyers will be as concerned with their political affiliation as they will be with their choice of game, but I do know that each player has taken the time to decide upon which game is right for them. And dare I say it, it’s kind of like politics once more. You either feel one way about a controversial topic or you feel the opposite. The same can be applied to the video game world’s most sought after franchises.

At the end of the day for these players, there will be some feeling of gratification in knowing that their choice of game was a good one.

Comparatively, something else very similar will be taking place. We’ll head down to the nearest voting center. We’ll make our way to a voting booth; sniff that ballot with our selections upon it and then place our votes as any American has been given the right to do so. And when we leave, we’ll feel some semblance of hope that our vote did, in fact, mean something in the overall scheme of things. Our choice for leadership was a good one.

Ok, so back to reality. Many of us will think that our vote means nothing even if we go. And even more of us may not even make it to a voting booth because of that or a host of other reasons. Those that do will likely be making a vote based on the countless ads we’ve heard over the past few months. “I approve this message”; “Did you know that…?” and “Such-and-such is a liar and a crook” are just a few of the phrases that have been baked into the subsconscious of our minds. Like you, I can’t wait for that crap to stop.

What I’m hopeful for is that people will head to a booth and make a choice that reflects their inner self. What does your gut tell you? What do you believe in? Is the candidate I’m selecting reflecting those ideals closest to me? Please…please ask yourself that question.

Sure, I hate politics as much as the next person, and I could sit here and drabble on about empty promises or picking-the-lesser-of-two-evils but that’s not the point. The point is that whoever is in office will have some real say in what happens with our country. You have to understand that if you’re heading to vote this week. What you feel is right and what you think is right should be the way you vote. Simple as that, folks. So when the time comes and you make that choice, you won’t walk away questioning if what you did was right.

I know so many gamers will be feeling the same about their choice of Halo over Call of Duty or vice versa. Sure, they can go out and get the other game if they don’t like what they chose, but we won’t have that luxury when we vote.

So make it count when you do.

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