I’m a writer … and I approve this blog post.

If you’re like me at all, then you’re getting really sick of all the poltical ads running around the airwaves. In fact, if you’re any bit like me, then you probably shut off your television any time you hear one of those messages start up. When the commercials first started, I got really excited.

I mean, here comes another election. Get pumped up, right? Who doesn’t love politics in America? It’s one of the two things in life you can’t argue over and expect to win in one sitting. The other being religion, of course. Or maybe reality tv. Some of it’s fake, some of it’s “real”; apparently we’ll never know the whole truth.

Anyway, I’ve still found time to post something in the midst of all the chaos. Trouble is, the only thing I feel like writing about is this friggin’ eleciton. It’s everywhere. I turn on the tv and there it is. Obama says Romney supported outsourcing while Romney claims Obama outsourced too. So what’s the deal? Who am I supposed to believe? Does Obama have more credibility in the matter because he’s the current president?

Eh, not necessarily.

But do I trust the new guy who wants Obama’s spot (that’s Romney for anybody who can’t follow)? Eh, I’m not too sure about that either. I feel like an agnostic voter. Yes, I believe there’s an individual out there destined to be president but do I know who that is. Nor may I ever know.

See? Agnostic voter.

So what’s a guy to do? Well, start with the basics. What is most important to you? Are you someone who is middle to below median income? Then check only those criteria on the candidates. When you’ve done your research on the issues, then make a decision. Same deal if you’re really concerned about health care. Look for what each of these guys are doing and then make your choice. It’s really that simple. Be you republican or democrat. Sure, the chances that they’ll uphold everything, but they’ve at least got some ideas on the matter.

If you aren’t voting for one of those issues, then at least vote your values. What’s really important to you? Which one of the candidates represent those values the most? Once you’ve figured that out, then follow through on that notion.

And if you feel like neither of them represent any of your values and they’re both total crap, then there’s always agnosticism. Or Canada.

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