Downright Good Thought: I’d like a password for my password … if you don’t mind.

I was really struggling with what to write about this week. So as I was sitting at my computer, tapping away at my keyboard looking for some inspiration, I decided to log into my Yahoo! to check my mail. When I was done with that, I opened up my Facebook to make the daily check-ins. After five minutes of “Facebooking”, I went to my Google mail to see if I won that $5,000 gift card I signed up for last week. Distraught that I was still a loser (at least by those standards), I perused on over to my Twitter account. Nothing new happening there so I logged into my bank account to check on …

Ok, whoa.

In a span of about 10 minutes, maybe less, I had been to at least five different websites. And within each of those websites I was required to provide some sort of password to access said website. To some, this is a daily occurrence. In order to keep up with the flurry of social media we possess, and the incessant need for an online profile, one must be registered, logged in, and a member of many, many different sites.

Which brings me to this post.

I remember some time ago I was told to have a different password for every website I am a member of. That way, if some Internet-trolling junkie ever tried to steal my info, I could at least slow him down by having a plethora of passwords. So while the thief frantically sifts through my online bank account, I can put a stop on all my credit cards, checks, etc. At least for a while anyway.

The reality is this though: I have very few passwords that are different (and no, you’ll never figure them out…). It’s too much to keep track of. If I am required to have an online account for Target, Amazon, or Action-Figure-Owner’s Anonymous, then I need to keep my life as simple as possible. Who needs an excel spreadsheet to remember all your accounts? Not this guy. I feel that there are plenty of people out there who aren’t like me. I know some folks that refuse to have a duplicate username or password. These people feverishly update their precious Word documents with the latest new phrase or acronym that’s meant to stall hackers.

Ah well, I suppose. Whatever helps you sleep at night. If someone is that interested in my account at then hey, go right ahead and take it. The free newsletters are rather funny if I do say so.

Conversely, the more serious side of this argument is identity theft. It’s a scary world we live in and though we may try to keep it private, other individuals aren’t so keen on letting you keep that private life. So in order to combat this type of behavior, we’ve made it so you must have a username/password for all your special memberships. But here’s my argument – .can’t I just get something that houses all those informative details for me? is that too much to ask for? We already have smartphones that do just about everything under the sun for us anyway so why not have a master app too? Yes, I’m literally to the point where I’d rather pay for someone to keep all my passwords than make new ones. Sure, people may be cautious about the concept at first, but think of the long-term gains. You’ll no longer need to fill out those registration forms on the internet and on top of that, the process will be faster.

And in America, we’re all about speed. No matter what the cost.


  1. Captain N says:

    LastPass…You’re welcom

  2. LastPass…You’re welcome

  3. I am thoroughly convinced that all transactions of any kind are going to the idea of one card, one implanted chip, one “way” (whatever it is) tied to your identity. Of course, without very much thought, your password would then be your retinas, relative height and weight, color hair, finger print scans, voice recognition, or the extreme… some type of fast dna testing for the really important stuff. So if you are another him or her you don’t have access, but then of course the crook is always a mile ahead of the curve with your eyes and your fingerprints and a dab of your blood for the dna sample.

    Whatever the case they have to get off these freakin’ passwords I do have a hand written document with them on there, it’s a page and a half along. I only need a hand-full of them, but I frequently change my password by verifying my identity via email or phone, just because I am too lazy to look it up. So who knows what my passwords are now! And the best part there is a methodology behind my password making and it is simple like what was spoken of, but if you don’t remember it just right then after the 2nd attempt you get terrified that you are going to lock up your account so I’m forced to find it to be sure.

    • Who knows. Maybe we are headed that direction? There are plenty of movies that portray such a system of identification but I feel your plight. It’s really hard to keep track of them all. Hence my argument, ha!

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